Clothes Pin Picture Frame

I’m really excited about this tutorial because it’s about as thrifty as it gets. I bought a big wood frame at an estate sale this summer for 50 cents. It’s generally pretty easy to find open picture frames without glass or art for very cheap, which is ideal for this tutorial!

Last weekend at a garage sale, I found a Polaroid camera WITH FILM for $1. Any camera for $1 is a great find, but because Polaroid film goes for $75-$100 (per 30 pictures), this was a true gem. The same day, I took a long walk around MSU’s campus and took photos of all of Kat and my favorite places.

To finish the project, I hot glued one piece of twine to either side of the frame and hung the photos with clothespins. The winners for our top three favorite places: Beaumont tour, Snyder-Phillips Hall, and Wanderer’s Teahouse.