Ampersand Pillow

Ready for the world’s easiest DIY? You’ve probably seen the minimalist ampersand or other symbol pillows around. As a writer (and crafter) I love them and decided to try to make one myself. Here’s how:

1. Print out the ampersand (&) symbol

2. Pin it to your fabric (I used muslin, which is only $1.99/yd)

3. Trace and fill with a fabric marker

4. Stitch up your pillow!

Now I have a new pillow addition! Click here for the quote pillow tutorial.


Stencil Pillow

I found¬†this¬†tutorial on tumblr a while ago and finally gave it a try. One of my biggest pet peeves is how EXPENSIVE pillows are; they’re two pieces of fabric sewn together! With left over fabric, a fabric marker, and a little thread, this pillow cost me close to nothing.

The first step is drawing on the quote of your choice. The only tricky thing is making sure to space out the letters how you want them. I started with an extra big piece of fabric so that I had plenty of room for all of the words.

After that, just sew it up like a regular pillow (turn inside out, pin, sew three and a half sides, turn to the right side, stuff, and hand stitch the last half!) After about 30 minutes here is my final product:

Update: Here is another one I’ve made recently. I’m loving the look without filling in the spaces of the letters on my stencil.