for the love of yellow!

I never was a kid that had a favorite color. I’d go as far as saying I was the lame one that said, “I like them all.” But now that I’m almost 20, I am proud to say that my favorite color is yellow. I may even have a little obsession. Yellow shoes, sandals, rain coat, winter coat, nail polish, rugs, towels, wall, and picture frames. When Ace Hardware had another special for a free pint of paint, of course I chose yellow!

I’ve been looking for a chair to go with my painted desk. When I found a little rocking chair at a garage sale for $5, the lady who sold it to me said, “Wait, really, you’re going to buy that?”, but I knew it had potential! As for the little night stand, it was a hand-me-down from my cottage and I adore its crooked legs and tiny drawer.

Since my bedroom in my new house won’t have a yellow wall, I’ll settle for a couple of yellow furniture accents. And so, for the love of the color of sunshine, banana milkshakes, and lemon drops, here are my new creations:



DIY Picture Holder

I’ve made a lot of the picture frame/earring holder/picture holders for presents, but I wanted to make a big one to hang on the wall. I like the idea of these because you can change the pictures and add whatever you want! I got this wood frame at a garage sale for 6 dollars last year, painted it blue, and made it into a picture collage. It was time for new pictures and a new look though.


  • old picture frame
  • paint
  • eye screws
  • wire
  • sand paper

I added another coat of paint (really light yellow) and then distressed it with sand paper. I’ve never distressed with two colors, but I like the blue underneath. Next, I added the wire which is the easiest part. I screwed eye screws right into the frame (four total) and then wrapped the wire around. I bought the wire in the jewelry section at Michaels.

Hang pictures or printed quotes with clothes pins, and change them whenever you want! I can’t wait to hang this on the wall at my new house soon, but for now it’ll sit on my desk next to my newly painted antlers (thanks Dad)!