Boot socks

Socks are one of about three exceptions of things that can not be purchased at thrift stores. Since I tend to wear thick boot socks almost every day, I’ve had quite a few people ask me where I buy them. I usually answer, “They’re mens work socks from Costco.” But, the good news is, I now have a much more awkward answer: “Oh…well, they’re not really socks.”

No more expensive boot socks for me (or you!) Here’s a three step tutorial for the cozy winter look that can be re-worn and is way cheaper.

1. Buy a cheap, ugly sweater from a thrift store. (Mine was a Gap wool sweater for $1 that’s too itchy to wear, but is perfect for this tutorial.)

2. Cut the last 8-10 inches off of both sleeves.

3. Tuck your new “socks” into your boots with the cuff of the sleeves up.