DIY Picture Holder

I’ve made a lot of the picture frame/earring holder/picture holders for presents, but I wanted to make a big one to hang on the wall. I like the idea of these because you can change the pictures and add whatever you want! I got this wood frame at a garage sale for 6 dollars last year, painted it blue, and made it into a picture collage. It was time for new pictures and a new look though.


  • old picture frame
  • paint
  • eye screws
  • wire
  • sand paper

I added another coat of paint (really light yellow) and then distressed it with sand paper. I’ve never distressed with two colors, but I like the blue underneath. Next, I added the wire which is the easiest part. I screwed eye screws right into the frame (four total) and then wrapped the wire around. I bought the wire in the jewelry section at Michaels.

Hang pictures or printed quotes with clothes pins, and change them whenever you want! I can’t wait to hang this on the wall at my new house soon, but for now it’ll sit on my desk next to my newly painted antlers (thanks Dad)!


Chalkboard Mirror

I’ve been looking for an old, wooden mirror to transform into a chalkboard for the house next year, and I finally found one this weekend! The mirror was only 3 dollars at a garage sale. I decided on a grey/green paint from the basement and already had by chalkboard paint. The project took four easy steps and about 2 hours (including paint drying!)

1. Prime the mirror with spray paint primer, let dry.

2. Add two coats of chalkboard paint.

3. Paint the wood, let dry.

4. Use sand paper to add an old, distressed look.

That’s it!

This is a simple DIY project and a great way to add a cute little (or big) accent to your house .

Stencil Pillow

I found this tutorial on tumblr a while ago and finally gave it a try. One of my biggest pet peeves is how EXPENSIVE pillows are; they’re two pieces of fabric sewn together! With left over fabric, a fabric marker, and a little thread, this pillow cost me close to nothing.

The first step is drawing on the quote of your choice. The only tricky thing is making sure to space out the letters how you want them. I started with an extra big piece of fabric so that I had plenty of room for all of the words.

After that, just sew it up like a regular pillow (turn inside out, pin, sew three and a half sides, turn to the right side, stuff, and hand stitch the last half!) After about 30 minutes here is my final product:

Update: Here is another one I’ve made recently. I’m loving the look without filling in the spaces of the letters on my stencil.

Acid Wash Jeans

I started off with a pair of thrifted high-waisted levi’s for 1.99 and cut them off into shorts. I loved the fit but not the color, so I decided to experiment!

I put on gloves and laid my shorts in the bathtub. I slowly poured straight bleach onto certain parts of the shorts, and then soaked the entire pair of shorts in 1/2 bleach, 1/2 water for about 10 minutes. (There’s no right way to do this- it depends on what you want them to look like!)

I rinsed the shorts in water, washed and dried them. Here is my final product of this easy, fool-proof DIY:

Chevron Painted Table

I’m loving the new chevron stripe trend, and I was excited to give it a try today! I began with an old sewing machine cabinet from my Grandma’s attic, painted it white, and then started the fairly easy chevron process. I first printed out a pattern; I used this one, but you can use whatever size you want or draw your one. Next, I used painting tape and taped the pattern right on to my table like this:

I wasn’t too worried about making the lines perfect, but perfect is definitely doable! I painted the areas outside of the tape, waited for it to dry, slowly removed the tape, and wa-la chevron!!

I finished off by priming and then painting the drawer pull turquoise. Because the table was given to me for free and I used left over paint, the project ended up being very inexpensive (less than 5 dollars!) Here is the before and after:

DIY Distressed Desk

I’ve been wanting to try out the “distressed” paint look for a while now, but haven’t had anything to paint. Until yesterday! My mom and I spent the morning at garage sales and found a small wooden desk for 5 DOLLARS! I then spent the afternoon going through different blogs and collecting various distressing techniques.

My supplies included:

  • turpentine
  • about a pint of paint (I asked a sample quart at the hardware store)
  • sand paper
  • crumpled up paper
  • hammer
  • small paint brush
  • spray sealer
  • my desk

Overall, I found that the most important thing is to not try too hard. I used what I found and made up some of my own techniques. Some that worked the best: lightly painting leaving some wood show, rubbing half dry paint with crumpled up paper to add texture, sand papering dry edges, and hammering dents. Here is what I ended up with:

Thrifty Thursday!

To celebrate Emma’s birthday today, we visited all of our favorite Grand Rapids Thrift Shops. We started with Plato’s Closet and then headed to lunch at Marie Catrib’s. Emma and I both ordered the chicken cranberry sandwich- delicious! The little restaurant  is friendly and adorable.

After lunch; Found, Lamb, Minty Keen, One Girl’s Treasure, MoDiv, and Imagination Creations. All of the [locally owned] shops are in about a 10 minute radius and the perfect combination of vintage, clothing, and crafts.

We finished the day with coffee from West Coast Coffee, and bought our Moms a little treat for Mother’s Day. After being away at school for 9 months, today reminded me how much I love my city as it continues to grow and impress!

Simple Pleasures on a Rainy Day

It was a dreary, rainy day in Michigan. And so, my fall back pick-me-up was to go thrifting and antiquing with one of my best friends, Emma. We spent a lot of the day running through the rain to our favorite little antique shops. But, by the end of the day, we were cheerfully skipping through the rain with our new vintage floral umbrellas.

We spotted them in the Salvation Army Warehouse on Division Ave. in Grand Rapids. They had no price tags and so we asked a couple of sales associates for the price. After waiting for fifteen minutes and making a game out of guessing their price (our guess was $15!), we were pleasantly surprised that they were only $1.99! I couldn’t help by buy one for me and one for Kat. The dreary, rainy Monday was instantly turned around!

First Day of Summer

My first day of summer started off at 9am with a big cup of coffee and a burst of inspiration. It’s free paint and couch day! It also marks the first day of my thrifting adventures to furnish and decorate my new house in the Fall.  It has become a hobby of mine this year to browse craigslist and imagine what furniture I would buy, refurbish, or even pick up for free. When I saw the little gem below, I emailed the contact right away. Come to find out, this couch was located at a church not far from my house. I fell in love with the pattern and cute home-y structure. The pastor at the church agreed to hold it for me until I came back from school- today! My new friend Pastor Michael and his little helper loaded my CRV with my free couch and I was off.

Next stop was Ace Hardware for free paint day! I will admit, I thought it might be too good to be true. But, I put my doubts behind me and printed the coupon from Ace Hardware’s Facebook page. I walked in, and ten minutes later walked out with a free quart of paint that will perfectly compliment my new couch.

So, here’s to the weekend, a new blog, adventure, and Summer!