for the love of yellow!

I never was a kid that had a favorite color. I’d go as far as saying I was the lame one that said, “I like them all.” But now that I’m almost 20, I am proud to say that my favorite color is yellow. I may even have a little obsession. Yellow shoes, sandals, rain coat, winter coat, nail polish, rugs, towels, wall, and picture frames. When Ace Hardware had another special for a free pint of paint, of course I chose yellow!

I’ve been looking for a chair to go with my painted desk. When I found a little rocking chair at a garage sale for $5, the lady who sold it to me said, “Wait, really, you’re going to buy that?”, but I knew it had potential! As for the little night stand, it was a hand-me-down from my cottage and I adore its crooked legs and tiny drawer.

Since my bedroom in my new house won’t have a yellow wall, I’ll settle for a couple of yellow furniture accents. And so, for the love of the color of sunshine, banana milkshakes, and lemon drops, here are my new creations:



8 thoughts on “for the love of yellow!

  1. love what you have done with yellow! :D our house is yellow, with white trim and a Spartan green door so I am with ya all the way with your love of cheery, sunny yellow! :D happy happy times in your new home! Love, Momma Stuehrk

  2. I have loved Yellow since the first time I opened my baby eyes :) Like you, I have everything yellow. We painted our house yellow (bright sunshiney yellow) and my bedroom is yellow, my bathroom is yellow, I have yellow clothes and shoes, bags, yellow jewellery and two weeks ago I picked up my new (used but updated on my old car) yellow Mitsubishi Lancer :) Love your yellows :)

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