Studded Ballet Flats

I officially became obsessed with these studded ballet flats on Etsy by HaroldandJane. I wear slippers everywhere (including to run errands and drive) and these were by far the coolest slippers I’ve seen. However, I couldn’t splurge and pay $40. Determined to make my own, I found the same exact leather Capezio pink ballet slippers on Ebay for $5.99! I already had the studs; they were $1.67 at Hobby Lobby for about 30.


The most difficult (and only) step is nailing holes into the slippers. Because they’re made out of leather, it’s impossible to just push the studs through. I placed a piece of cardboard under the fabric and nailed the holes for the studs. I used the actual stud to make indents so I knew where exactly to nail the holes. After the holes are nailed, just push the studs through and bend the prongs on the inside.

For less than $7, I made studded ballet flats that are almost identical to the $40 pair on Etsy! I can’t wait to wear these around my new house. And probably everywhere else, too.


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