DIY Picture Holder

I’ve made a lot of the picture frame/earring holder/picture holders for presents, but I wanted to make a big one to hang on the wall. I like the idea of these because you can change the pictures and add whatever you want! I got this wood frame at a garage sale for 6 dollars last year, painted it blue, and made it into a picture collage. It was time for new pictures and a new look though.


  • old picture frame
  • paint
  • eye screws
  • wire
  • sand paper

I added another coat of paint (really light yellow) and then distressed it with sand paper. I’ve never distressed with two colors, but I like the blue underneath. Next, I added the wire which is the easiest part. I screwed eye screws right into the frame (four total) and then wrapped the wire around. I bought the wire in the jewelry section at Michaels.

Hang pictures or printed quotes with clothes pins, and change them whenever you want! I can’t wait to hang this on the wall at my new house soon, but for now it’ll sit on my desk next to my newly painted antlers (thanks Dad)!


Let me know what you think!

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