DIY Distressed Desk

I’ve been wanting to try out the “distressed” paint look for a while now, but haven’t had anything to paint. Until yesterday! My mom and I spent the morning at garage sales and found a small wooden desk for 5 DOLLARS! I then spent the afternoon going through different blogs and collecting various distressing techniques.

My supplies included:

  • turpentine
  • about a pint of paint (I asked a sample quart at the hardware store)
  • sand paper
  • crumpled up paper
  • hammer
  • small paint brush
  • spray sealer
  • my desk

Overall, I found that the most important thing is to not try too hard. I used what I found and made up some of my own techniques. Some that worked the best: lightly painting leaving some wood show, rubbing half dry paint with crumpled up paper to add texture, sand papering dry edges, and hammering dents. Here is what I ended up with:


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