First Day of Summer

My first day of summer started off at 9am with a big cup of coffee and a burst of inspiration. It’s free paint and couch day! It also marks the first day of my thrifting adventures to furnish and decorate my new house in the Fall.  It has become a hobby of mine this year to browse craigslist and imagine what furniture I would buy, refurbish, or even pick up for free. When I saw the little gem below, I emailed the contact right away. Come to find out, this couch was located at a church not far from my house. I fell in love with the pattern and cute home-y structure. The pastor at the church agreed to hold it for me until I came back from school- today! My new friend Pastor Michael and his little helper loaded my CRV with my free couch and I was off.

Next stop was Ace Hardware for free paint day! I will admit, I thought it might be too good to be true. But, I put my doubts behind me and printed the coupon from Ace Hardware’s Facebook page. I walked in, and ten minutes later walked out with a free quart of paint that will perfectly compliment my new couch.

So, here’s to the weekend, a new blog, adventure, and Summer!


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